New Works by Jean-Francois LARRIEU at the Canfin Gallery

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New Works at the Canfin Gallery: Tarrytown’s Canfin Gallery will exhibit New Works from the celebrated French painter Jean-Francois Larrieu. The exhibit that will run from November 7-29 features 23 landscapes and cityscapes portraying some of the world’s most iconic cities from Manhattan to Paris, Hong Kong and Miami. His works have been described as “exotic rhythms, an amalgamation of superimposed and repetitive forms choreographed in mosaics, multicolored, multicultural, joyful and impressionable.”

His intricate landscapes and cityscapes are stippled and overlaid with figures, trees and birds, creating a rich pictorial language, whose intimate vocabulary is influenced by his many travels abroad. Gallery owner Jean-Claude Canfin described the collection for us. “Larrieu’s implementation and usage of insistent calligraphic type imagery speaks to a transcendent era of artistry and faith. Through the acute lens, and skillful hand of this artist, Larrieu transports us beyond the ordinary to such worlds both secreted and fantastical.”

Celebrated around the world: Born in 1960, Jean-François Larrieu has exhibited his work, since 1982 worldwide, including in over sixty one-man shows, and multiple group exhibitions. He has shown his work in Dubai, Beirut, China, Taiwan, Tokyo, New York, Florida and Paris. His work, since early on has been the focus of multiple museum exhibitions in France and abroad, including contemporary art museums in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg in 1991, the Beirut Museum in 1993, the Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo and Nakagawamura in 1994, the Fine Arts Museum in Shanghai China in 1995, the Okinawa Garden Museum, and the Fine Arts Museum in Bordeaux in 1998.

Canfin Gallery, 39 Main St., Tarrytown, NY, 914.332.4554; All images, courtesy of photographer Jayme Lawnsby.

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