Isabelle Scheltjens Exhibit Coming Up

So pleased to announce a new exhibit of New Works by Isabelle Scheltjens. This new collection is special, with pieces of all sizes.
All New Artwork will be at the gallery and available on March 11. The exhibit is from April 30 to May 29, 2022. Must See Collection, remarkable and stunning.

Exhibit Isabelle Scheltjens at Canfin Gallery

Isabelle scheltjens glass pictures are beautiful. Candied aesthetics glistening with light and buoyant energy result from their incorporation into the overall design. Ultimately, they are a breath-taking statement on the human condition that has been painstakingly built.

They act as a powerful remark, precisely crafted and ultimately attractive. Stylized, systematic abstractions form the basis of her brilliant geometric creations. To create a genuine one-of-a-kind piece of art, the usage of tinted glass is meticulously planned, arranged, and finally fused. Her use of well-known and respected figures alludes to stardom, voyeurism, and nostalgia captivates and enthral the intended audience. After studying at the SISA Antwerp Institute of Decorative Arts and Crafts, Scheltjens has continued to explore her exquisite and fascinating investigations in glass. Her art has been shown in various venues.

It’s a common theme in Scheltjens’ most creative portraits: her dedication to the face’s architecture. A kaleidoscope sensation is provided to the observer by her use of glass and the assembling of their coloured shards. Stylized and systematic abstractions, these geometrical works of art are full of vibrant colours. Her knowledge of optical effects is evident in how she aligns blocks of colour to create a picture.

These artists revolutionised modern art and its terminology in a seismic way. Digital era techniques, like Scheltjens’ current work, focused on the elements of facial creation. While their sculptures were monumental in scale, their daring and innovative approach to art was crucial to their success. A distinctive translation of these stylised and systematic abstractions may be found in Scheltjens’ bright geometric creations. In Scheltjens’ use of tinted glass, precisely planned and arranged, stacked, and fused, they are formed into organised anatomy. Acclaimed figures such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn feature prominently in her work because of their iconic status. These fantastic works of art pique the audience’s interest and wonder.

Final words

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