Enhance Your Collection with Jean DUQUOC Unique Artwork

  • April 18, 2023
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The Brittany region of France, where Jean DUQUOC was born in 1937, had a profound impact on his life’s work. In a lengthy and well-recognized career, this artist has defined his work with large, intensely colored paintings that are vibrant and saturated. Self-taught painter DUQUOC freely and joyfully uses primary colors to express his subject matter: the sky, the earth, and the sea. The art of DUQUOC is widely prized and cherished. Distinguished public and private collections worldwide have his art.

For Jean DUQUOC, simplicity equals clarity, and his newest works epitomize this principle. His landscapes are distilled with greater honesty and directness in his works. They have a solid foundation in a looser, more confident hand, as seen in the spontaneity and development of the brushwork. A resurgence of energy is also obvious to the naked eye. Even his color schemes have progressed beyond the use of primary hues alone. Instead, they provide a more comprehensive and satisfying range of options. His opulent color palette also has a certain purity about it. In spite of the saturation of his paintings, the light continues to be the dominant element. The sculptures celebrate the transcendent experiences one may have in nature and the elation that results from them.

The mastery of color he displays in his work is outstanding, and the passion with which he expresses himself is excellent, leading to works that are startling in their depiction of living beauty. Decoratively, he arranges surfaces by contrasting curved and straight lines, and he creates landscapes by arranging blocks of color surrounded by black. The Pont-Aven School is commonly cited as an inspiration for this style of landscape painting.

The artwork of Jean DUQUOC will exhibit at the Canfin Gallery, which can be reached at (914) 332-4554 or viewed at 39 Main St, Tarrytown, NY 10591, USA.

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