Artwork Of Srinjoy On Display At The Canfin Gallery

  • April 18, 2023
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Srinjoy was born into a family of painters in India, a country of mysticism and magic, and he knew from an early age that he, too, was destined to be an artist. He has lived in various countries, worked in the design and animation industries, and studied professionally with several well-known contemporary, street, and pop artists.

Srinjoy received his MFA from Atlanta’s Savannah College of Art and Design in 2015. While a student at SCAD, he won a juried residence at New York’s Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts. His beautiful paintings have been shown at prominent international exhibits, and he has been profiled in Art Radar Journal, Sharks Eat Meat, and The Zeal Life, among other publications.

His influences come from various sources, including Pop culture and Deep Ecology. Still, his primary goal is to create maps and models that explore the concept of “Utopia” in a modern setting. Sometimes his paintings only act as a mirror to reflect the contemporary experience, and other times they entirely transport the observer to another planet. The Utopian drive investigates the conflict between an insatiable want to realize an ideal and the impossible difficulty of imagining its absolute realization. Srinjoy’s work also involves creating fictional utopian societies or worlds.

Srinjoy has taken inspiration from his own cultural background to develop a fresh and approachable modern language that combines several forms of street art, such as spray painting and graffiti. His images, which are both hilarious and thought-provoking, offer a fascinating reflection on our society by reimagining famous people in absurd situations. His work addresses the contradiction between this ideal society, and it’s impossible to attain despite his fascination with the subject of “Utopia,” an ideal society with extremely desirable or almost flawless features for its residents. He draws inspiration from various sources, including ecological and identity politics, online meme culture, classic Bollywood billboards, and visual sampling in Street Art/Graffiti.

Art Expo New York, Affordable Art Fair New York, Art Miami Context Art Fair, Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary Art Wynwood, and Art Expo New York are just a handful of the Art Fairs in the United States where Srinjoy has shown his work in recent years. Many of the best Contemporary Pop and Urban Art galleries in the United States, Europe, and Canada feature this artist’s work. His paintings can be seen in private collections all around the world.

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