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Isabelle Scheltjens Exhibit

We are so pleased to announce a new exhibit of New Works by Isabelle Scheltjens. The new collection is special, with pieces of all sizes. All New Artwork will be at the gallery by early March, while the exhibit officially starts on March 30th. Must See Collection with remarkable and very impressive new pieces.

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TANC – New Artist @ Canfin Gallery

TANC is a recognized Graffiti Artist from France. He, as many of his fellow Street Artists, has crossed-over from the street to the studio, developing a new generation of works whose urban roots continue to influence and dictate the arc of a uniquely realized Action-Oriented Series. Emphatic and immediate, these works are achieved through the […]

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November 2018: Exhibit of Extraordinary New Works by Alberto MURILLO: “50 Shades of Color”

Alberto MURILLO‚Äôs recent works are a striking evolution to the oeuvre of his works. As the Post Modernists, his newfound emphasis is solely on nonobjective content. His focus remains on surface and treatment. Geometrical shapes and rounded forms cross weave and interlock in fluid nexuses. The purity and vivacity of color contributes to their maximal […]

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