40x40 Marilyn a Dozen or So - MM - lo res

NEW: Artist Craig Alan @ Canfin Gallery

Craig Alan is a Pop Surrealist, internationally recognized for his ingenious portraits of iconic figures and or images drawn from popular culture. He paints in a meticulously realistic style, a “nano” world, a microcosm of figures and fantastic scenes, which collectively form the architecture or construct of his subject. Craig Alan’s work is showcased in […]

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60x45 Ma Cherie - lo res

Isabelle Scheltjens Exhibit

We are so pleased to announce a new exhibit of New Works by Isabelle Scheltjens. The new collection is special, with pieces of all sizes. All New Artwork will be at the gallery by early March, while the exhibit officially starts on March 30th. Must See Collection with remarkable and very impressive new pieces.

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