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“The word ‘Glamour’ has an inherent reference to romanticism – an alluring, enchanting sense of attraction. Contemporary Popular culture, mass media visual culture, and new consumerism for me allude to collective utopias that attract. Iconic visual material from these collective utopias is reinterpreted in a creative remix through my own visual sampling. My process rooted in collage aesthetics proposes celebratory, humorous, and witty alternative narratives. To further tap into this larger than life concept I needed to break the boundaries of traditional painting and expand beyond the surface using nothing but gravity. Hence the fluid paint seems to reach out of the pictorial space and almost frozen in the air giving a sculptural quality. The color bars in varying thickness also work as visual metaphors of ‘Barcodes’. These bars expanding and dripping beyond the field also makes a statement about the new consumerism and surveillance – a sense of constant scanning. The color bars almost rupture the iconic visual culture mashup further engendering a higher ‘Abstract’ quality to these powerful visuals. It appears the iconic images are so hot they are almost melting and dripping due to climate change. The concept of ‘Drip’ in the contemporary popular urban language is also associated with attractiveness or swag. The visually stimulating and thought-provoking Pop and Op elements consist of layers both conceptually and through materiality reflecting contemporary life and times.”