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Alberto MURILLO’s works are stunning. His surfaces exude the certitude of a seasoned technician who worships craft and its refined distillation. Influenced by the vibrant culture of his native Spain and the rich palette of Latin America, MURILLO has spent a lifetime in exploration of artistic expression. His works are analogous of the Post Painterly Abstractionists -The Color Field Painters of the 50’s, i.e. Stills, Louis, and Noland. He, as they, employs rich polymers, cured in acrylic resin, poured directly on panel and manipulated like skins, into amorphous sumptuous shapes. The immersion of highly saturated color and interlocking forms, combined with the direct action oriented method of pouring, layering, blocking, and sandblasting, offers a visceral feast and thoroughly engaging experience.
Murillo is known for his non-objective color field paintings and iconic images of Chanel Perfume bottles, Coca Cola bottles and LV hand bags. His multiple explorations and subsequent series reflect a reverence for Pop Art, as well as mid-century architectural design. MURILLO’s work may be found in prestigious corporate and private collections, including Givenchy Family Collection, Coca Cola Inc., Bristol Myers Squibb, and Wells Fargo.