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MMGautier photo“I am hungry for creation,” Marie Madeleine GAUTIER

From the monumental to the accessible, the enigmatic yet sensual works of Marie Madeleine GAUTIER are captivating. These quietly and voluptuously endowed presences in bronze and resin affirm moments offered in keen observation. GAUTIER’S subjects are of family, friends, humanity. She manipulates assimilated beliefs of what defines beauty and plays on its accepted standards through the creation of uncommon and exaggerated proportion. With a stated mission to permeate borders and not be bound by cultural identities and biases, GAUTIER redefines a new aesthetic and tolerance. The universality of her subjects exists in its construct. Her work is both hypnotic and haunting and imposes a standard of perception beyond the limitations of our own prejudice. She articulates the active parts of man, as in reverie. These memorable forms are captured in moments of pensiveness or in jubilation, as in a dance. Her faces are smooth and without features to distinguish them. Instead her works are identified by their dis-proportionality and of their humanistic engagement. Though reminiscent of Botero and Moore, GAUTIER prefers no constraint or obligation to the past, but insists instead on being an artist unfettered and open to explore her own muse, conscience and range.

Born in France in 1956, Marie Madeleine GAUTIER is a celebrated and highly regarded sculptor. Her work is exhibited and collected worldwide. From fashion to drawing this skilled artist has since very young sought out multiple mediums for her creative forms of expression, before choosing to primarily concentrate on sculpture. She studied in the prestigious School of Fine Arts in Paris where she honed her craft. She currently lives and works outside of Paris.