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Irene Mamiye is an artist whose work incorporates photography, video, and digital imaging techniques. With light, color and movement, Mamiye blurs the distinctions between physical and virtual reality. Influenced by her own personal history and artists as diverse as Laszlo Moholy ¬Nagy and Gerhard Richter, Mamiye employs intricate and labor ¬intensive processes to challenge what is expected of the photographic medium. Culling photographs from social media, Mamiye transforms the plenitude of public images into richly layered works that hint at a life lived between screens. With a playful yet mordant humor, Mamiye creates pieces packed with art historical depth and pop cultural abundance.
Mamiye’s extensive body of work, including digital images, videos, and furniture designs, has been widely exhibited across the United States. Her work was included in the landmark exhibition The Edge of Vision (2009), mounted by the Aperture Foundation, and in the Museum of Art and Design’s Multiple Exposures: Jewelry and Photography (2014). Mamiye’s work has been featured in the following publications: Architectural Digest, Interior Design Magazine, Vanity Fair, People Magazine, Elle Décor and InStyle.
Irene Mamiye was born in Marseille, France and immigrated to the U.S as an adolescent. She holds a BA in Photography and Global Studies from Gallatin New York University and an MFA in Lens Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York.