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André NADAL’S aesthetics, both Zen and dynamic, carries us into a soothing and stimulating contemplation.
With infinite intelligence and skill the conceptual works of Andre NADAL are masterfully woven constructions, piercing perception and penetrating the barriers of inter-spatial dimension. His works are commanding and hauntingly achieved. They exist in a world of void and shadow. These complex matrixes are floating geometric forms, tactile edifices made of overlapping and repetitive syntaxes. Primarily in black and white, matt juxtaposed next to gloss, NADAL’S work resonates with its own unique vibrato and offers an entree into three dimensional realities. His pictorial landscapes are made of cubes, calligraphy and feather compactions, they are floating constructions suggesting the illusion of deep-space. They are founded with a Zen-like proficiency and meticulously rendered. NADAL’S background in architecture and skill as an aeronautical draughtsman are apparent in these intimate yet highly complex musings.

André NADAL was born in Oran, Algeria in 1952. His work has been exhibited in galleries in Paris, Brussels, and Casablanca and in the south of France. Andre NADAL shares his time between his two studios in Paris and the Tarn in the South of France.