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In his art, Carlos Orive combines philosophy with twenty-first century technology, uniting theories on the nature of mankind with the latest computer expertise. He was born in Madrid in 1966. He graduated from the University of Madrid with a degree in photography where he developed a process he calls “pigmentography,” which fuses photography, painting, and computer technology on canvas, circumventing traditional painting and collage techniques.

“Imagine what it means for me as a painter”, he says “to connect the digital tools-camera, scanner, digital pen, tablet, printer, and software with the traditional tools of painting, sculpture and photography. I think of the computer as the link between the different disciplines. It offers possibilities both realized and those yet to be discovered.”

Orive is a respected teacher, having garnered many prestigious awards from Spanish institutions, and has exhibited his unique artistic vision throughout Spain, France, Holland, Sweden, Germany, and Belgium.

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Change of Direction
Classical Dance
Jeu d'Ombre
Transe II


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