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“Silence imposes itself; words are superfluous…” As sun lights up the landscape, Duquoc becomes its voice and storyteller.

Born in 1937, the lifework of Jean Duquoc is influenced by the landscape of his beloved home in Brittany France. In a long and celebrated career this artist has distinguished his work by bold and saturated canvases - suffused in color. A self-taught painter, Duquoc uninhibitedly and joyously employs primaries to articulate his subject: the sky, the earth, the sea. In crimsons reds, plush earthy greens and vibrant daffodil yellows, the language of the landscape is reduced by the skillful hand of this artist to its quintessential nature. For Duquoc these works are not mere painterly explorations, but transformative works. They are transcendent moments articulated in paint, where the cosmic force of the universe may be seen and explored it is, according to the artist, in moments of quiet reverence that the magnificence of an ever changing and dynamic landscape reveals itself.

Duquoc’s work is highly regarded and collected. His work may be found in both distinguished public and private collections worlwide.

EXHIBIT "Luminosity", January 24 - February 22, 2015. First time exhibit with a full collection of Oil Pastels.

Those acquainted with the paintings of Jean DUQUOC, will happily embrace this masterful collection of pastel works on display at the Canfin Gallery. They are beautiful, vivid renderings rapturously applied. Emphasizing the effects of light on the landscape, and recreating its realities are the constant pursuit of this long celebrated artist. The immediacy of pastel, as medium, allows the artist to explore directly his subject. Founded within these renderings, light and shade dominate his intention. Working in conjunction, through the simultaneous plains of actuality and spiritually, the artist’s clever hand captures the rapture borne of such experience. Reveling in color and its effects he emphasizes in the body of these works his quest for the primacy of tonal harmony, and as always, grounded in unbridled color. MUST SEE COLLECTION - See all available oil pastels on the artist page.

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Au fil du couchant
Au loin le village, Femme de la terre
Chemin de mer pour un poete
Colorado - Automne paisible
En regardant l'ocean, je percois l'infini
Grandeur et enchantement - Le Golfe
Je vis parfois des printemps tumultueux
L'Automne est la avec ses orangers
Le pays qui se donne a son ciel
Les deux nuages roses
Marie au crepuscule
Paysage au champ jaune
Petite lumiere rose au dela de la colline
Pommiers printaniers
Que reste-t-il de nos villages
Quelques heures avant que la terre ne s'endorme
Quelques maisons de pecheurs chantent le pourpre
Soleil rouge Baie d'Audierne
Un ocean melancolique
Un soir qui annonce la tempete
Vent d'un soleil tourmente
y - Il flotte dans l'air l'aventure d'une nuit
Oil pastel - 30x38
y - Ile aux moines - Un soir de printemps
Oil pastel - 38x30
y - Jardin de tulipes pres de l'ocean
Oil pastel - 30x38
y - L'ile aux fleurs
Oil pastel - 26x32
y - La barque echouee
Oil pastel - 38x30
y - La couleur pourpre chemine a travers les arbres
Oil pastel - 26x32
y - Le chemin qui mene a la greve
Oil pastel - 38x30
y - Le golfe paradis des bateaux
Oil pastel - 26x32
y - Le petit etang
Oil pastel - 26x32
y - Le soleil se leve
Oil pastel - 30x38
y - Les arbres jaunes
Oil pastel - 32x26
y - Les couleurs s'eparpillent pour l'enchantement
Oil pastel - 26x32
y - Les deux nuages roses Ploumana'ch
Oil pastel - 38x30
y - Maison pres de l'etang
Oil pastel - 26x32
y - Paysage Finistere
Oil pastel - 30x38
y - Petite mer
Oil pastel - 26x32
y - Quelques notes de couleurs pour la poesie de l'instant
Oil Pastel - 30x38
y - Un paysage aux multiples couleurs
Oil pastel - 30x38
y - Un village qui sent bon l'ete
Oil pastel - 30x38


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