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magniVincent Magni: “ My works make me laugh”.”

There is an inherent joy to be had from the life-size open figured sculptures of Vincent Magni. Influenced by the kinetic works of Alexander Calder’s beloved Circus and derived from similar materials, Vincent Magni’s humanobiles are equally delightful, lyrical statements. These non-static works have been honed with springs and wires, torqued and twisted into human form, both heartfelt and engaging. The poses of these life-size mobiles are affable gestures -moments candidly caught discerned and revealed. Bemused and often poetic these works entice the viewer to playfully engage.

Vincent Magni, born in 1963 in Saint Etienne France, is an artist who continuously explores the range of his talent. He expresses his ideas within the realm of the plastic arts – in sculpture, drawing and paint. Although currently his primary focus is sculpture, he is recognized for the range of his work. The world of Magni is open and unlimited. His monumental works are pliable forms, carefully balanced and designed for movement. Magni believes that it is in movement, the character behind the work reveals itself. His insistence is to continuously explore in watchful anticipation what the static world often hides. It has been said that Calder himself is quoted as saying, “I think best in wires,” perhaps the same may be said of Magni.

Vincent Magni’s work is highly regarded and collected. His work may be found in distinguished collections both public and private worldwide. He currently resides outside Paris.