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BulanphotoAwash in a piercing Mediterranean light, Stephane Bulan’s works are viscerally engaging. Cubistically driven, these works are characterized by their highly structured architecture and a crisp and discerning intelligence. They are idealized interpretations, distinctive and vibrant. Classical in subject – the female, the still life, the landscape, there is a compelling and hypnotic resonance to his strongly delineated and faceted forms. Bulan’s past as a journalist and caricaturist are evident in his succinct phrasing, and composition. As Hemmingway’s approach to story, Bulan’s own works are similarly fierce, direct and honest. His acute observations are impeccably rendered and possess a tangible beauty. They are driven by the artist’s unique voice within an ultimately essential didactic.

Born in France in 1954, Bulan’s career began in earnest in 1975, when he left behind the commercial world and chose to concentrate his efforts in the pursuit of fine art and painting. He has since, enjoyed much success and has had a long and respected career. Bulan has exhibited his work throughout Europe, the Orient, and the US.