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Photo Rick StevensAs the Expressionists before him, STEVENS distills what is quintessential to his subject, and in turn captures in refracted light and tactile form – the forest, discernable, beautiful, and experiential. STEVENS undertakes through his works in paint to discern and replicate those spiritual and essential values as founded and revealed in the quietude of the wilderness. In a language both intimate and revelatory, he has discovered, as the Transcendentalists before him, a pure and intimate language both mystical and humanistic. As Thoreau, Emmerson and Boroughs recounted in their own poetic and lonesome explorations, STEVENS’ works are evocative of such introspective and existential musings.

Balancing between Abstractionism and Figuration the works of STEVENS combine the tactile and gestural explorations of the Expressionists, with the definitive works of their predecessors. Born in Michigan, and residing now in Santa Fe New Mexico, STEVENS was influenced early on by 19th Century American Landscape Painters, and the Romanticists, including, Church, Bierstadt, and Inness and their adoration and reverence for the landscape. His ideation of nature within his own works, are the declarative balance between these distinctive artistic movements. The effect of his pursuit is a tangible and honest portrait of his own ruminations and encounters on the profundity of the natural world and its visceral significance.

STEVENS work has been exhibited throughout the Great Lakes Region, including solo exhibitions at the Muskegon Museum of Art and the Brauer Museum of Art and Valparaiso University. He is represented in galleries throughout the United States and has been awarded, on multiple occasions, the esteemed Artists in Residencies in several National Parks since 1993.