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kelyne“I was from nowhere and everywhere.”

It is within the act of painting that Kelyne sets down roots, painting allows her the opportunity to savor and immortalize her past.

Kelyne’s rootless childhood is emblematic of her father’s military career. She has lived in Vietnam, Laos and Algeria. Her works evoke the recollection of images of worlds both foreign and exotic – her paintings the snapshots of these memories. Each canvas is infused with peoples indicative of their own distinctive cultures and the quiet gestures that define them. They are simply moments recalled through the gauze of the artist’s own impermanence.

Her work is reminiscent of Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele, discerned by the romantic and sensual nature of her compositions, and the Far East she had spent her childhood in. Her subjects, primarily female, are captured in moments of love, of fear and of contemplation. Often in costume, often paint over collage- these portraits are a testament to the impressions that shape our own nature early on and is the well from which this artist continues to draw from.

Her work may be found in both public and private collections worldwide.