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Reportage portrait Laurence Jenkell


One can only express awe at seeing the “Candied” works of Laurence JENKELL. They stand as totems – in homage to the universality of desire and memory, wrapped in their singular and stellar packaging.  Self-taught, Jenkell’s explorations are an ingenious commentary found in the replication of such objects, that stir the passions of multi generations worldwide. “The Candy”, encased in its tantalizing wrappers, persists as a unique structure and bears testament to the global ideation of youth and its sweet recollection. Jenkell’s work exists beyond commentary on vapid consumerism, typical of Pop Artists of the late 50’s – 60”s, as Oldenburg and Warhol, that amplified the banality of such everyday objects. Rather, it is the immortalization of such objects, the cultural elements of our times, freestanding and majestic, that distinguishes the work and its ultimate effect.

Jenkell experimented with various techniques such as inclusion, dripping, firing, casting.  After multiple attempts, she successfully mastered and dominated Plexiglas, obtaining a “wrapping” technique, which allows her to produce the Candy Sculpture, for which she is revered. She employs the flat surface as a raw material. In plates that she assembles as cubes, she refers to as forms. These forms are the skeletons she then conceals among folds of the Plexiglas itself, which she then wraps, like envelopes, giving her compositions a definitive sensuality and rhythm.  Combining beauty and transparency, light weight and toughness, and available in an infinite range of colors and surface effects, her portfolio of works is extensive and breathtakingly rich. The sheer scale of these works creates a new relationship with the sculpture itself, bringing it closer to that of architecture.  Jenkell often employs multiple type materials, as Plexiglas, aluminum, and or bronze. A gel coat reflectivity amplifies the material, and its pure lines, with exceptional optical properties. Her mastery of number of surface effects, i.e. satin (sanded polished appearance), matt, glossy, transparent, metallized or granite, magnifies each piece. Simply these are stellar works, masterfully executed. Her “Flag Series,” is sought by many Nations. Her work may be found in both public and private collections worldwide.