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collandre“…The canvas comes alive, builds itself. All is improvisation, searching for fulfillment…..” Collandre

No other artist can better welcome the spirit of the seasons than Francoise Collandre. A highly skilled and schooled artist from the Paris Art Scene she has rendered her own life’s work into lighthearted and encapsulated moments; where time is suspended, as if in a sweet reverie of dreams. Collandre captures in each poetic gesture of her characters isolated storybook-like moments, both reflective and romantic. These expressions equally touch the eye and the heart of the viewer.

Born in Paris 1939 and schooled at the renowned Ecole Nationale Superieure de Metiers d’Art de Paris, Collandre has received recognition for her work early on by critics and won numerous awards. Her work is reminiscent of her predecessors, the Fauves, found in her choice of color, the Cubists in her breakdown of form, and too, the exaggerated and elongated figures in the spirit of Modigliani. Collandre has ultimately found her own unique voice forged in her determination to be free from the literal dictates of her craft and openness to the muse of life’s experience and encounters.

Collandre has exhibited her work since 1981. Her work continues to be held in the highest regard and can be found in collections both public and private in the United States and in Europe.