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menendez“In art nothing is better than intuition,” Diego Menendez

The works of Diego Menendez sizzle with a sensuality and vitality indicative of his native Argentina. They possess a certain poetic harmony and resonance. Whether of nature or of the human form, his great love for the Post Expressionists,  as Matisse and Modigliani and also the German Expressionists as Klimt and Schelle, is apparent in the direction of his work, in both composition and articulation of his subject. His early childhood exposed him to the arts and music, a hallmark of his Latin American roots.

Coming of age during turbulent times in his home country from 1974 to 1983, Menendez was compelled by a need to pursue his life and work without restraint. He sought rather to indulge himself within the freedom as founded in artistic expression.  At great risk he fled to Brazil to escape the then inherent repression and violence of an indiscriminate military state.  He rejoiced in his emancipation, and his canvases became fluid and expressive portraits, alive and vibrant.  Subsequently moving to Paris, Menendez was exposed to paintings that had a definitive influence on the direction of his own body of works. With great success in Paris, he was invited to exhibit in Indonesia which birthed a new Series with obvious Polynesian / Asiatic influence – expressive works infused with both vivacity and reverence.

Born in 1956, Diego Menendez has enjoyed a respected and celebrated career. He has exposed his works worldwide and they can be found in collections throughout North and South America, Asia and Europe.