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orive“Painting is a language that affects the conscious and the subconscious simultaneously…” — Carlos ORIVE

Powerfully aligned, the dynamic works of Carlos Orive are masterfully rendered. In a fusion of mediums, this esteemed and highly skilled artist has authored his own technique he refers to as “pigmentography. “ Harnessing advancements in computer imaging, photography, and paint, Carlos creates primordial and essential worlds. The results are commanding narratives, both brooding, and multi-dimensional in effect. And though extrapolated from modernity, viscerally these fierce and molten-like images appear ancient, as if borne of the earth’s crust.

Labored with a deft hand, and driven by a piercing intellect, Carlos merges spiritual and subliminal realms with the pragmatic and temporal, in what he refers to as the “synchronization or trance of visual perception”. For Carlos it is the artist’s obligation to engineer and in turn transform perception. Reveling in the inter-realms of the human psyche, the artist offers to the viewer a perspective whose value is determined by the particles of its construction. From the sub-atomic outwards, Carlos assembles and reveals that which is “other’ and generates in alter -dimensional realities what is quintessential man.

Born in 1965 in Madrid, Spain, Carlos Orive, has garnered numerous and prestigious awards. He has exhibited his work throughout Europe, Scandinavia and the United States. His work may be found in both public and private collections worldwide. Carlos continues to teach, as well, in Madrid where he currently resides.