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bradshaw“My work tends to rotate around exploring systems. Sometimes this comes in the form of iconography, city organizational tools like subway maps and most often, the periodic table. I can think of no system that so simply describes the parts of an unimaginably complex whole” — Blair Bradshaw

Blair BRADSHAW incorporates everyday objects that inform our present day culture, reminiscent of the pop artists of the 1960’s and their usage of iconographic imagery of the times, as Warhol achieved in the replication of soup cans and the subject of Oldenburg’s explorations. This commentary on the banality of our own consumerism and its idolatry is essential to the direction of these works. Blair’s works are, too, the vivid frames of a homogenized culture that possess a universal and symbolic commonality. His is an art form founded with a satirical eye, yet gentle humor. Blair constructs multiple canvases or panels in grid-like patterns. He achieves within this repetitive structuring a “glorification” of the mundane and familiar. These selected objects, i.e. crayola crayons, bowling pins, periodic charts and elements, the Flag, are memorialized in these two-dimensional works. In his “You Will” Series, Blair reproduces motivational mantras on canvas. In the duplication of a common phraseology within a singular work, he evokes a subtle yet hypnotic resonance, as if in a nod to the slogan- isms of contemporary culture that continually influences the direction of his work.

Bradshaw was born in 1967. He studied film at the University of Texas. These studies led him into still photography and ultimately painting, where he has achieved a respected and successful career. His work may be found in multiple public and private collections throughout the United States and Europe.