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The faces of Anna Bocek are memorable and dynamic. In blocks of paint she skillfully constructs a compilation of humanist musings and moments. Captured, spliced and coalesced into portraits of daunting presences, Bocek comprehends the quiet yet commanding certitude of an instant and reveals it to us. Brimming with confidence and attitude her images, primarily female, informs a vitality, strength and beauty of the human experience. Driven by a passion and great love for theatre, Bocek extrapolates its Sirens for her own painterly explorations. Bocek’s skill as a set designer allows her to set her own stage and story for these subjects. Her continued fascination with inner ruminations and psychology allows her to reveal that, which lies behind each persona and bring forward its realities.

Born in Poland in 1973 and Influenced by the European Expressionist, Bocek never strays too far from her figurative roots. Trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk Poland, her images are clearly delineated and approached with both skill and affection. There exists an emotional thread to all her works as if she possesses an intimate knowledge of each of her subjects. Bocek has garnered great success with her work and has shown throughout Europe, parts of Asia and the United States. She has won numerous acknowledgements and awards. Her work may be found within both public and private collections worldwide, including several National Museum Collections within Poland, where Bocek has become a beloved and acknowledged symbol of artistry.